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Living History

We hope to see you at Overlord 2014 but, even with our new, exclusive living history field our growing... Read More →


We hope to see you at Overlord 2014 but spaces will be limited so apply in plenty of time... Read More →

Our vehicles

We are the Solent Overlord Military Collectors Club, the change from Vehicle Club came about to reflect the growing... Read More →


Horndean Show 2006 Overlord
The galleries show some of our vehicles and activities. If you are a registered user you can upload your... Read More →

The Club Today

SOE is a thriving club based in the Solent area (Southampton/Portsmouth/Petersfield) and beyond that caters for the military collector,... Read More →

Contact Us

Click on the relevant link to send a message: CHAIR OF SOE - for really important messages to the... Read More →