We’re Moving

At the April 2016 Meeting, It was decided by majority vote for a new Charitable Incorporated Organisation to be formed named the Military Education Trust (MET), and for the eventual closure of the Solent Overlord Executive Military Collectors Club.

The MET will take on the membership and experience of SOE, and the assets will be donated as per the SOE constitution to the MET, which will operate in ways which are not significantly different to before, we will continue our regular activities to educate the public, but instead under a new formal structure and registered charity status which provides additional benefits and protection to all members of the club. It ushers in an era of exciting new opportunities for both existing and new members of the organisation.

From May 2016 the MET will take over the Overlord Show. The Overlord Show will conintue as normal over the bank holiday weekend, with the only  difference that it will be presented by the MET not SOE.

Along with this move, we have begun to streamline our online presence by separating the Overlord Show’s website from SOE, now MET. This will allow to provide the most relevant and immediate information to the  different users.

Click the below for the Military Education Trust’s website.
Military Education Trust Screenshot

Click below if you want to visit the Overlord Show Website.
Overlord Show Screenshot

We can also be found on Facebook – as OVERLORD Military Spectacular and as Military Education Trust